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6 hard pills to swallow that will actually make your life easier

hard pills to swallow

No one wants life to be hard, but sometimes for life to be easier we have to do hard things. Of course accepting difficult truths is rarely fun to do, but we hope you find some peace in knowing that you are not alone. Here at sacred spores we are also constantly trying to learn and grow, change and evolve, put ourselves out of our comfort zones and open ourselves up to experiencing new things- even if those things are hard to experience. Know that sacred spores is always here for you when things get tough, there are a ton of blog posts available on the site to offer support, guidance and understanding for experiencing change. Now, let’s get down and dirty, here’s six hard pills to swallow that will make your life easier: 

1. Not everyone will like you

Not everyone will like you, and that’s okay. 

I’m sure you also don’t like everyone you meet. That doesn’t mean these people that you dislike are bad people, and it doesn’t mean that they are undeserving of love and friendship and community, it just means that this person is not right for you. At the end of the day we are all masses of energy, we are vibrational beings, we radiate certain auras that are not compatible with everyone that crosses our path. 

This applies the other way around too, of course. Some people will meet you and not like you straight away, or treat you with the desire and respect you may feel you deserve. This is hard to accept, but it is important to remember that often this has more to do with them than it does with you. People might dislike you because they are intimidated by you, or feel insecure about themselves, or simply because maybe they met you in the wrong way at the wrong time. Either way, their dislike of you isn’t a reflection of who you are: You are an amazing person. As long as you like yourself what other people think should be irrelevant, of course that’s easier said than done but it is crucial to have faith in yourself, to be your own friend and to know that your worth does not lie in the opinions of others. As long as you do right by the version of yourself you’re trying to grow into, please pat yourself on the back with one hand and brush their opinions off with the other. Keep growing, you got this. 

2. You are responsible for your life

People say that the secret to success lies in your daily routine and that self development is a consequence of of small changes: Bless your daily routine with self care rituals and healthy habits and you will find that love flows easily to you. Condemn your daily routine with toxic traits, toxic people or negative input will attract more toxicity and negativity into your life: that is the rule of attraction after all. 

Taking responsibility for your life means taking responsibility for your actions. It is easy to fantasize about your future but it is a different ballgame entirely to actualise those fantasies. I know that this sounds like tough love, but at the end of the day you are worthy of the life you deserve, it is hard to truly accept that but the sooner that you do the more you will allow yourself to flourish.

self development

3. Relationships are hard f*cking work

If you’ve been in a relationship you are probably quite aware of this fact. Relationships are hard work. They require continued effort, communication, inner growth and boundaries. They confront us with our fears, insecurities, weaknesses and strengths and they can challenge the way we see ourselves. The idea that good relationships should be easy simply isn’t true- and that’s okay! We must open ourselves up to the challenges of intimacy and communication in order to allow them to blossom. Sometimes, though, it is important to recognise that no matter how much effort you put in the relationship simply isn’t right. Know you did your best and face the fear of letting go of what no longer serves you. At the end of the day being scared, horny and alone is better than being with the wrong person – and honey, you deserve better than the wrong person. 

4. Being overwhelmed by your emotions is better than not feeling them at all

Ugh… emotions. They can be a gift or a trainwreck, and are always a rollercoaster ride. No one wants to feel bad, but sometimes allowing yourself to make space for negative emotions is the only way you can then let in positive ones. When we bottle emotions up because we’re afraid of what will happen when we allow ourselves to experience them we are only creating stress in our bodies. Take a deep breath and ask yourself: what am I feeling, and where? A good way to get emotions out of your system is writing without thinking, writing poetry, painting, going for a walk, having a good cry, or sharing with a friend. I promise that you are strong enough to feel what you need to feel, you are capable of surviving difficult moments. You have been there for yourself on you hardest nights and your best ones, trust that you’ve got this!


As a stoner and a taurus moon I know laziness like the back of my hand. I love having a day (or week) of lounging, relaxing, napping and eating some magic mushrooms or taking some CBD. It is a healthy and good thing to take the time to decompress. Life is stressful and overwhelming and the best thing you can do for your health is tackle stress head on. Although pure relaxation is a great way to tackle stress, it works best when balanced with movement: mediation, exercise, fresh air, good food. Take care of your body and your body will take care of you. 

You cannot grow if you are not doing things that scare you

Facing fear, taking risks and making space for change is super scary. It is literally in our biological conditioning to fear change! But without change we stagnate, and through change we flourish, grow and evolve. Often the things that scare us are things that may cause inner growth, isolate us or confront us: spending time by ourselves, leaving a relationship, cutting off a friend or even a family member, quitting a job or a study programme. Obviously there are also things that scare us because they challenge us in different ways: going travelling, bungee jumping, not killing a spider even though you’re an arachnophobe. Regardless of whether what scares you is entirely life altering or merely small and personal, feeling the fear and doing what feels right anyways is imperative when it comes to being a better version of yourself. Life does not get easier because things stop changing, things will never stop changing, but life can get easier because you learn to face fear and handle change better: Be gentle with yourself, be kind to yourself, trust that you are doing your best and acting with integrity. We are proud of you for just doing your best, so please take a little moment for you to be proud of you also.

Final thoughts:

Self development is everything! I hope this article helped you take a look at your current mindset and allowed you to look inward in a positive light. Finding a balance between your mind and body will without a doubt benefit your soul as well. Facing fears is always healthy, whether that be a fear of loving yourself or a fear of trying something new! Lastly, remember that self development doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Although it may not always be comfortable or pleasant, it is always a good thing because it means you are getting that much closer to the person you want to be. Inner growth will set you free!

Meet Stella!

Meet Stella!

She is one of our lovely guest writers at Sacred Spores. Living as a carefree and laid back Taurus in the Netherlands, she carries out and portrays her passion for writing day in and day out! Currently studying literature, her art ranges from poetic to analytical pieces. To say the least, she is one hell of a woman that does it all!

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