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Self-education is one of the best forms of self-care. Enjoy our ever-growing blog section that includes topics surrounding hemp/CBD, psychedelics, and wellbeing. Feed your brain with helpful knowledge on how to improve your life.

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How to boost creativity with psilocybin

Humans have been using psychedelics for many centuries. A rather commonly used compound, psilocybin, has played a huge role in the history of psychedelics and consciousness expansion. Although this magical substance hosts various benefits, I would like to dive into a specific benefit that comes along with the usage of

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Why you should start doing whatever the f*ck you want

Our society profits from creating your identity for you, so getting to know yourself from within is an act of rebellion. Taking steps to find out what you want and need can lead to a life where you can feel genuine happiness, fulfilment, and contentment. This type of real internal

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5 signs you are having a spiritual awakening

There are a lot of misconceptions revolving around the spiritual awakening. Most likely because of two things. 1) You cannot understand what it fully entails until you have walked down the spiritual path yourself. 2) The spiritual journey is incredibly different for each of us, resulting in a lot of

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CBD 101: The Basics

  This article is for the purpose of educating beginners. I will cover the basics for anyone new to the world of CBD or anyone needing some additional clarification. The topic and workings of CBD can be slightly complex, however, I am going to keep things simple so this information

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