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Healing your inner child with creativity


There seems to be a very sudden cut off where an individual gets their child status taken away from them. One day, you are a child running around freely, without a single care in the world and you most likely believe that life will always be this way! The next thing you know, you are thrown into the whirlpool of reality as an adult and are expected to leave your child self behind forever.


The sad truth is that your inspiration and creativity as a child is robbed by the world of adulthood. Things like politics, taxes, war, finances, social status, etc, inevitable will dim the light of any human that once only knew freedom.


When you think of yourself as a child, doesn’t that version of you seem far away? For some, it may feel like thinking back to that younger version of yourself is some kind of dream or even as far away as a past life. We are so disconnected from who we once were. As you age, your inner child dies- or at least, many of us think it does. The truth is, our child self will always be a part of who we are. When we dig deep down, we can see our inner child still remains, even after all these years.


The sad thing about this realisation is that the inner child that is found is often damaged. This is where healing your inner child becomes important. However, it isn’t necessarily easy to access this part of you. That is where creativity comes in handy. Today, we will be going over how utilizing creativity to heal your inner child is so effective and why doing so will impact you in a life-changing way. Let’s learn how to connect with your inner child, heal that neglected part of your soul, and mend a greater bond with yourself as a whole.


What is your inner child?


The inner child is believed to be a person’s ‘true’ or ‘original’ self. The most authentic and pure part of your soul. Your inner child is who you were before the world got a hold of you. Adulthood and immense awareness can tear away your inner child, separating you from who you truly are. Or who you truly were before.


Damage done to the inner child often occurs during your childhood or during the period of time where you transition from child to teenager. Countless things can cause a child to be damaged and this pain can stay with you throughout your entire life. Even if you don’t realise this, lots of your pain can be traced back to your earliest years on Earth. This is why healing your inner child is so incredibly crucial. Doing so can set you free in ways you never thought possible as an adult.


What makes creativity so healing?


Creativity of any form allows us to directly interact with (or even channel) our inner child. Essentially, creativity is using your imagination to create original ideas that can be applied in creative projects. One great example of this would be painting with your hands. Allowing yourself to get your hands dirty and completely emerging yourself in an activity which you are doing strictly for the sake of doing it. When you are doing an activity like this, nothing else in the world matters and time seems to temporarily stop. Channelling your inner child has a lot to do with living in the moment and doing activities without the motive of being ‘good’. Children master the art of doing whatever they want without the fears of being judged.


When we prioritize living in the moment, the benefits from this inevitably leak out in our search for healing. This doesn’t have to be something hands-on like painting. Creative thinking can also trigger a child-like mind-state. Either way, working alongside your child self and exercising this part of you is incredibly healing. That being said, checking out different ways to boost creativity will help you in the long run when it comes to healing your inner child.


Ways to boost creativity and get in touch with your inner child.


There are many ways to boost your creativity, helping you rekindle the connection with your child self. Here are a few ways that have personally helped me reached my inner child during my journey to self-discovery and spirituality.



Dancing & Singing

If you know me, you will know that I am not a strong singer by any means… In fact, many would say I am simply a terrible singer. However, that does not stop me from singing all day long! Hearing and feeling the vibration/frequency of your voice can be very healing. Not to mention that doing something (in this case singing) for the sake of doing it and not for the sake of doing it well will connect you with your child-like self. The same goes for dancing. Kids don’t care about how they look to others when they are singing and dancing-why should you?! Dance and song are great ways to boost creativity!



Cooking & Baking

Nothing makes me feel more like little Xavier than when I am in my kitchen cooking or baking. Getting creative in the kitchen is a fun way to boost your creativity! Coming up with new ideas, having total focus on a hands-on task, and getting your hands/space dirty is a great form of play. What better way to heal your inner child than allowing them to practise something as sacred and beneficial as play?



Intentionally Triggering Nostalgia

This may not have to do with creativity, however, it is a very helpful tip. Sometimes I will intentionally incorporate nostalgic things into my life to take me back to my childhood. An alarming amount of adults, including myself, can openly accept that their childhood wasn’t all that great which can often be why you need to heal your inner child in the first place. One thing I find very effective is triggering positive memories I felt as a kid, making me look back in time in a positive light rather than in a negative way. This can include putting on Bob Marley records, which used to bring me joy as a child. It could also look like drinking hot chocolate, which was once my favourite drink. Whatever it may look like, use nostalgia as your superpower in healing!



Using Psychedelics as a tool

Psychedelic substances, such as psilocybin (magic mushrooms or truffles and LSD, have helped me the most when it comes to directly channelling my inner child. Whether you take a microdose or a full dose, increased creativity is known to be one of the many benefits psychedelis have to offer. I feel as though psychedelics make you feel like you are being taken home to your true self which, in one sense or another, can be seen as your child self. Psychedelics make you feel super goofy. They make you think, say, and do ridiculously silly things. It is extremely common for individuals to report that doing psychedelics makes them feel like a kid again. With the difficulty of feeling so far away from who you were when you were a child, it is pretty amazing to think you can eat some psychedelics and travel back to that version of yourself. Psychedelics have saved my life in many ways and this is just one of them. Thank you, psychedelic kingdom.




The sad truth is countless childhoods have been tainted for many individuals. The happy truth is although the gap between your child and adult self may be indescribably huge, there is hope. There is always hope for you and your inner child to heal. Creativity is one of the many tools that can help you get there. 


Be the adult that you needed as a child and mend the broken pieces so you can be free.

Inner Child Quotes


To end things off, I would like to share a few inner child quotes that really resonate with me and may resonate with you, as well.



‘‘Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.’’ – Pablo Picasso


‘‘Honor your inner child by losing yourself in simple pleasures.’’ – Kim Del Valle Walker



‘‘Some people think ignoring their inner child makes them seem grown-up. When I see someone ignoring a crying child, I think they’re an asshole.’’ – Jay Bell



‘‘Someday you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.’’ – C.S. Lewis



Sources for inner child quotes: https://www.yourtango.com/2019327387/happy-quotes-less-stress-inner-child


Meet Xavier!

Meet Xavier!

He is one of our main writers here at Sacred Spores. With many years of writing behind him, Xavier’s primary focus in life has been writing a mixture of psychedelic and spiritual content with the motive of helping others in the community along the way. Our blog section would not be the same without him!

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