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How to boost creativity with psilocybin

boost creativity

Humans have been using psychedelics for many centuries. A rather commonly used compound, psilocybin, has played a huge role in the history of psychedelics and consciousness expansion. Although this magical substance hosts various benefits, I would like to dive into a specific benefit that comes along with the usage of psilocybin; enhanced creativity.

So, what is psilocybin? How does to boost creativity? What are the different applications that lead to intensified creative abilities? Let’s jump right in!

What is psilocybin? Brief Overview

Essentially, psilocybin is a naturally occurring hallucinogenic compound. You can find psilocybin in over 200 species of fungus! With their own unique growth process, all kinds of psychoactive mushrooms offer different levels of psilocybin. This is why consuming 3 grams of one batch/type of psychoactive mushrooms can feel a lot stronger than consuming 6 grams of another.

This is a powerful psychedelic that offers mind-bending experiences! After taking a dose of magic mushrooms or truffles, you can expect to have intensive sensory hallucinations. Psilocybin doesn’t only take your senses for a ride, it also results in extremely profound introspection! Many individuals claim that having a mushroom ‘trip’ was the single most life-changing experience they have ever had. For many, psychedelics such as magic mushrooms/truffles have significantly changed their outlook on themselves, the world around them, and existence as a whole-improving their quality of life. Thanks to psychoactive mushrooms and truffles, a heap of individuals have been able to get through serious mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety disorders, and in some cases, even PTSD!

Although we have been using this compound since early times, the general view that is placed on it is constantly changing. In more recent dates, we are beginning to understand the phenomenon that is psilocybin, helping us optimize our usage of it. Let’s talk about the different applications and how this helpful compound can assist us in keeping those creative juices flowing more consistently!

psychoactive mushrooms

Different ways to use psilocybin for increased creativity

Psilocybin is extremely potent and it doesn’t take a super high dosage to notice the effects. We know that taking ‘higher’ doses of this psychedelic results in a reality dissolving experience-but what can taking a smaller dose (such as a micro-amount) do? Does it have any benefits or do I have to brave the unknown and dive head first into an intense psychedelic experience to boost my creativity? Let’s look at the differences between a ‘micro-dose’ and a ‘full dose’.


Microdosing is the act of ingesting a micro-amount of a psychedelic substance with the intent of reaping benefits for the mind and soul. What makes this practice unique is the micro-amount is so small that it results in no psychoactive effects. This means microdosing does not get you high, however, you do still gain a lot of benefits (such as boosted creativity), only without the high. This is a great alternative for an individual who isn’t quite ready for the full psychedelic experience or simply has no interest or desire to try a larger dose. Not everyone wants to get high, which must be respected.


Full dose:

A full dose is when you take a high dosage and experience the full psychedelic effects. More often, a ‘full dose’ is a loose term used for taking a high enough dosage to lose your grip on reality rather than to simply feel some of the effects. A ‘full dose’ largely depends on who you are asking! If you ask any artist or creative/creator that has tripped on psilocybin if it helped them along their creative path, they will likely excitedly say ‘Yes!’. Some of the worlds most famous artists openly thank psychedelics, such as psilocybin, for assisting them in their creative projects.

The nice thing about psychedelics and creativity is that you can gain similar benefits, whether you choose to have a full on trip or go down the simpler route of microdosing. Now that we understand the different applications, let’s move onto what makes psilocybin such an effective tool for increasing creativity, whether that be through a micro-dose or a macro-dose.

How to boost creativity – the trippy way

Okay, now we know the basic fundamentals of psilocybin and the different applications-But how does it work?! Specifically, how does it actually work in regards to amplifying creativity? Psilocybin improves creativity thanks to something called neuroplasticity. If you haven’t heard the term before, don’t worry, it isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Well, the basics of it aren’t as complex, at least!

Neuroplasticity: The brain’s ability to change and adapt via rewiring and reorganization. Essentially, this is your brains plasticity. High functioning plasticity in the brain allows individual neural pathways to make new connections and other systematic adjustments, such as cortical remapping. Our neuroplastic abilities are at a peak during our younger years. Sadly, as we grow older, our neuroplasticity slows right down. This explains a lot about the contrasts between children and the elderly.


As a child, your brain is basically a sponge! You are able to learn new things with immense ease and think in a very creative way. This is why it is best for an individual to learn something like piano or a 2nd language as a child rather than as an adult. This also explains why children are able to change their opinions and views without much effort.

As an older individual, your neuroplasticity decreases significantly. This would be the reason why it is exceptionally harder for an individual to learn something new in their older age. It is also the reason why the elderly typically have a harder time adapting to new ideas and views. Neurologically, the elderly aren’t stuck in their ways because they choose to be stubborn-instead they are stuck in their old ways likely due to the lack of plasticity in their brain. In some cases, maybe a bit of both! However, the elderly definitely deserve some more slack as it must be very hard to not only be from a completely different generation but to have something as important and helpful as neuroplasticity slow down to such an extent.

So, what does this have to do with creativity? It is believed that neuroplastic ability is to thank for a lot of creative thinking. You could say neuroplasticity allows the brain to ‘think outside the box’ since it allows you to come up with new thoughts and ideas with more ease. The better our neuroplastic functions are, the more effortless creative thinking becomes! Creativity is about offering a unique or original approach to something, whether that be painting or dance. The core of creativity is often explained in originality and inventiveness. That being said, the inability to ‘think outside the box’ will have you creatively stumped!

Aside from psychedelics, there are many methods you can use for boosting your creativity! Here are 3 simply ways I like to increase my neuroplasticity that I practice every day:

  1. Meditation
  2. Exercise & Movement
  3. Reading/Learning

I find that by using the above techniques alongside microdosing and having a magic truffle trip here and there, I am able to maintain my creativity at a high level and unlock my creative flow with more ease. Although I am always working on personal creative projects, I am also a professional creative as well; hence me writing this article for you! This is why I find psilocybin especially effective for me. It is super hard to keep your creative juices flowing and I, like all creatives, suffer from the inevitable and dreaded ‘creative drought’ that shows up here and there. This is where psychedelics really help me. My creative droughts aren’t as dreaded as they used to be and they are now less frequent, less lengthy, and they also take less of a toll on me as a creator. There is no magic method to being super creative 24/7, however, there are definitely many ways to decrease creative blocks significantly.

Final Thoughts:

If you are not interested in trying microdosing or full dosing, I do urge you to try something else to help your neuroplasticity! Our brains are exercised in the same way that other muscles on our bodies are exercised… I truly believe it is about time we begin to prioritize our creativity and encourage time spent on creative outlets. Creativity is basically therapy for the mind, body, and soul. It relaxes you and decreases stress on a large scale. I believe being creative is a way to directly channel our inner child which is, to me, extremely healing. Psilocybin is just one of the many things to help us along the journey of healing. Are you ready to take the first step? 

Meet Sydney!

Meet Sydney!

Sydney is the founder of Sacred Spores and likes to make an appearance in the blog section from time to time. You can expect wholesome vibes from her writing with a trippy twist, of course! She has been hands-on in the psychedelic community for years and has always enjoyed writing pieces for her fellow psychonauts out there!

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