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How to buy magic mushrooms online: a guide

buy magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms hold a long history with mother earth. Humans have been using these magical little sacred spores to our advantage for centuries! However, times have changed drastically. We have gone from having to forage wild mushrooms to growing them in controlled settings. From taking the risk of them being poisonous to growing them in manipulated environments and layering laws on their growth, possession, and consumption… The evolution of humans vs nature is nothing short of fascinating!

Today, I am going to explain how to buy magic mushrooms online. I will stop you before you even have the thought-no, this is not a guide to buying mushrooms on the dark web! This simple 3 step guide will explain how to buy magic mushrooms online legally. It is also important to understand you cannot legally purchase the psychedelic mushrooms that grow above ground. However, you can purchase psychedelic mushrooms that grow under the ground. These fungi are referred to as magic truffles. You can rest assured knowing that both magic mushrooms and magic truffles contain the exact same psychedelic compound, psilocybin. This means you are getting the same active compound that hit the same receptors, whether you take psychoactive truffles that grow below the ground or mushrooms that grow above the ground. Truffles look and taste different than what you may be used to with mushrooms, however, they will provide the same effects if dosed correctly.

*Please note before you carry on reading that this guide unfortunately only applies to those who live in Europe as magic truffles are illegal outside of the E.U.

As time goes on and the use of psilocybin is normalized, we can only hope that one day the consumption of these sacred spores are legal across the globe! However, the fact that you can legally buy psilocybin in Europe is a good start.

magin mushroom

Step 1. Doing your research

First things first… do your research! I truly believe one of the best methods of ‘harm-reduction’ with any psychoactive substance is education. Make sure you do your fair share of research from trusted sources before even considering the psychedelic experience. A huge flaw in many trips that take a turn for the worst seems to be either miseducation, a lack of education, and/or poor preparation. Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into first as the psychedelic experience is not to be taken lightly as you cannot fully comprehend the power of these substances until you have visited the world of psychedelics. All hallucinogens are unique and have different effects. Make sure you understand the effects of psilocybin before going ahead.

Magic truffles

Step 2. Finding a trusted source

This is a very vital step. If you are looking to buy magic mushrooms online, then you will likely be purchasing from a Dutch vendor in the Netherlands. This is because most of the magic truffles in Europe are grown in the Netherlands as they have been the first to exercise the loophole in the law that allows the sale, possession, and consumption of these sacred spores legal. It is only in recent dates that these Dutch vendors have realised this legal loophole applies across most of Europe!

  • Make sure you seek out a vendor that is trusting. It is usually pretty easy to pinpoint which vendors are operating in the name of the psychedelic movement and which ones are more interested in the sale/profit aspect. There are definitely a few things that make it easy to spot those vendors that are mainly concerned with a sale. Here are a few obvious ones:
  • When a truffle vendor sells other questionable products like other legal highs that have dangerous potential and little to no studies done on them. A trusted vendor should be selling ethical substances, not risky ones. As an example, if the vendor you are checking out also sells Viagra analogues or sketchy stimulant analogues, you should probably run the other way! The rest of a vendors product line speaks volumes about their ethics!
  • Branding 101: creating a ‘mission’. This is something that most companies do during their branding phase. When you are trying to create/build your brand, it is good to assess your mission and what you are trying to accomplish. However, lots of brands write up an obviously hollow brand mission. These usually stick out and you can smell the insincerity through the screen. Watch out for brands that obviously couldn’t care less about the psychedelic movement/community and have tunnel vision over sales!
  • Reach out and speak to the brand yourself to fully assess where they are at with their customer care. Remember, customer care and customer service are two entirely different things. Contact them and get to know the brand first hand before considering them as your source. It is important to care about where your psychedelics are coming from the same way you wouldn’t like to buy psychedelic mushrooms on the street from a sketchy individual when you have another option nearby of a trustworthy individual that cares about you more than the sale itself.
buy psilocybin

Step 3. Picking the perfect species

This is the most tricky part by far! Luckily, when it comes to magic truffles, they are sold with accuracy, unlike magic mushrooms from your local dealer. Magic truffles are grown in manipulated environments, meaning they will be nearly the same every time, making dosage more precise. Luckily, magic truffles are not only grown and distributed meticulously, some vendors also give ratings in specific areas that may interest the consumer.

For example, you can see by sacred spores’ ratings on Psilocybe Mexicana (the weakest truffles available) that they have been given an overall strength of 2.5 stars out of 5. This alone tells you a lot about how strong you can expect them to be, unlike if you were to purchase psychoactive mushrooms on the street, which would likely be from someone who didn’t grow the mushrooms themselves, has no idea about the actual psilocybin content, and can only tell you how they affected them-assuming they have already tried them before selling them to you. This is a huge advantage to buying truffles online vs mushrooms on the street. With magic truffles, you pretty much always know what you are getting in term of overall strength. With psychedelic mushrooms, you never know until you have already taken that specific batch.

Not only this, but you can also see other rankings in specific areas of each magic truffle species. This includes a rating out 5 stars in each of the following sections:





-Overall Strength

See photo for reference.

truffle species

Not only do you know the overall strength of the species, but you can also use the specific ratings on the categories above to truly optimize your trip. These ratings make it a lot easier to pick which truffle species will suit your needs best. These ratings are very helpful vs having to go off of trip reports, hoping you have the same sensitivity to psilocybin as the person who wrote said trip report.

Conveniently, the range of strengths is wide when it comes to magic truffles. A simple comparison of this range can be displayed by looking at the truffle species I mentioned above, Psilocybe Mexicana, and our strongest truffles, Psilocybe Valhalla! Interestingly enough, Psilocybe Valhalla is the only species that has been given a 6 star rating! This is because this species came along after the rest and is significantly stronger. After its discovery, the mushroom growers who invented Psilocybe Valhalla (Magic Mush) realised its strength overreached the 5 star rating all their other species had already been given. Since everyone was used to the ratings that had been given to the other species, the growers decided to simply give these new truffles a 6 stars out of 5 to avoid having to change the whole rating chart for all the other truffle species. This also displays the power that this specific truffle hosts! This tells those who are curious that Psilocybe Mexicana would definitely be best for the beginner user, while Psilocybe Valhalla would be suitable for the experienced tripper. Of course, other truffle species that provide effects that fall in the middle are available, as well.

When trying a new species for the first time, always make sure to follow the dosage recommendations of your chosen vendor. These can usually be found in the descriptions of the products. If you are extra hesitant then know there is nothing wrong with giving half of the recommended dose a try the first time. If you would like further guidance, then never hesitate to reach out to the vendor. If they are trusted and value you, your comfort, and your desired trip, they should happily respond, answering any of your questions. Never be afraid to ask questions!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, do not take the psychedelic experience lightly and make sure that you not only follow the guide above but also always follow consumer instructions and cautions accordingly, eg, rating charts, storage, bad trip prevention, etc. When it comes to buying anything online, it is always important to be mindful. You know what they say… the power lies within the consumer! We trust that you will make conscious decisions when self-educating, sourcing, and consuming. However, we do hope this article was helpful to someone out there who needed that bit of additional guidance for buying psychoactive mushrooms or truffles online. One powerful tip for the psychedelic user is to never be afraid to ask the community for direction as there is nothing wrong with asking for help.

Whether you are using these magical little spores as a spiritual tool, or you are simply microdosing for the subtle effects, we wish you well on your journey. For those deciding to take the leap and dive into the world of psilocybin, know we are sending you all the love and light as you return to your roots.

Meet Sydney!

Meet Sydney!

Sydney is the founder of Sacred Spores and likes to make an appearance in the blog section from time to time. You can expect wholesome vibes from her writing with a trippy twist, of course! She has been hands-on in the psychedelic community for years and has always enjoyed writing pieces for her fellow psychonauts out there!

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