Lions Mane Mushroom:

Q: What is ‘Lions Mane Mushroom’?

A: Lions Mane Mushroom is a long white shaggy looking medicinal mushroom. It is naturally occurring with many positive properties for the mind and body. This mushroom is native to Europe, Asia, and North America. Lions Mane Mushroom has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and is now used worldwide as a ‘nootropic’ supplement that promotes brain health and assists your body in its natural production and release of energy.

Q: Is Lions Mane Mushroom legal?

A: Lions Mane Mushroom is completely legal and safe to consume as it has zero known side-effects

Q: Does Lions Mane Mushroom get me high?

A: Lions Mane Mushroom will not get you high as it offers no psychoactive properties.

Q: How often and how much should I supplement Lions Mane Mushroom?

A: It is suggested to supplement Lions Mane Mushroom every day or every other day for the best results.

Q: What are the benefits of Lions Mane Mushroom?

A: This medicinal mushroom offers many benefits for the mind and body. Here are a few of them:

  • May improve memory retention
  • May improve neural health
  • May improve cognitive function/performance
  • May improve holistic health
  • May improve productivity
  • May increase focus and energy
  • May reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, and fatigue
  • May treat and/or prevent neurological diseases
  • May minimize brain fog

We say ‘may’ as there are studies that suggest these benefits but there are not many studies that have been conducted on Lions Mane Mushroom with concrete conclusions, despite how long it has been around and actively used.

Q: Is Lions Mane Mushroom a Nootropic?

A: Yes, Lions Mane Mushroom is considered a Nootropic.

Q: What is a Nootropic?

A: Nootropics are a category of supplements and other substances that are used with the motive to improve cognitive function. Nootropics are used to enhance memory, creativity, focus, motivation, etc, in healthy individuals. Nootropics can be natural substances such as Lions Mane Mushroom.

Q: Is Lions Mane Mushroom Stimulating?

A: Lions Mane Mushroom is nearly never referred to as ‘stimulating’. However, it is known to work synergistically with the natural pathways of the mind/body. In return, this can help your mind and body produce, release, and regulate energy in a healthy, natural, and balanced way. However, if you are used to feeling exhausted and drained 24/7, the alertness that could come with Lions Mane Mushroom may contrast with how you usually feel, leaving you slightly surprised with its effectiveness. These cases are where this benefit of Lions Mane Mushroom is more noticeable.

Q: What are the capsules made out of?

A: Our capsules are made of 100% modified starch.

Q: Are there any other ingredients in these capsules?

A: No, the capsules themselves are made out of 100% modified starch and the contents of the capsules are 100% pure Lions Mane Mushroom extracts.