The Whimsical World Of Magic Truffles

What are magic truffles? Are they the same as magic mushrooms?

Magic truffles are a gift sent straight from Mother Gia herself. They are a form of fungus called sclerotia. Magic truffles are compacted masses of mycelium that grow under the ground. Although magic mushrooms and magic truffles are both part of the same species of psychoactive fungi, truffles are basically an under-developed stage of the magic mushroom.


They get their well-deserved name ‘magic truffles’ for a reason. This psychoactive fungus contains the same psychedelic molecules as magic mushrooms; psilocybin and psilocin. This is why the two fungi species are so commonly compared to one another. At first glance, they look completely different, but are they really all that different in regards to effects? Let’s find out.


What do they look and taste like?

Magic truffles grow under the ground and must be dug up to be harvested. Truffles have a super low water content of anywhere between 5-10%. This is a huge difference between mushrooms and truffles as mushrooms have much higher water contents and need to be dried for much longer. The low level of water that truffles host give them a rugged and dense feel. Since these truffles are so dense, it is important to use a scale if possible when dosing, especially if you are used to the light, soft, and flexible feel of magic mushrooms.


Truffles often have a super sour taste to them. Many individuals find them easier to eat than magic mushrooms, however, they still aren’t very pleasant. You can make the whole consuming experience a bit more tolerable by eating them in the form of tea. If you do make tea, then make sure you watch out and don’t let them steep in boiled water as it will break down the active ingredient (psilocybin) and weaken your truffles. The best way to make tea is to let your truffles sit in hot water that is covered for 20 minutes. Sometimes I will dip a tea bag into the water to make it even better. If you don’t want to make tea we can also suggest eating your truffles alongside a chocolate brownie, some peanut butter, or even some strawberries! These definitely don’t make the taste go away completely, however, they do distract your taste buds a bit from the truffle taste.

What do magic truffles feel like? What kind of hallucinations can be expected?

As with most psychedelics, it is very hard to articulate the magic truffle effects. The ‘come up’ with truffles is typically very fast, meaning you will begin to feel the effects shortly after consumption. The effects only last about 3-6 hours on average. Here are a few things you can expect when taking magic truffles:

The 5 Senses:

Smell, Touch, See, Hear, Taste. We experience our 5 senses every second of our lives, yet we often don’t stop to think about them that much. When we take magic truffles, our senses become extremely heightened, making everything smell, touch, look, hear, and taste incredibly more intense than usual. Not only do these senses become intensified, but they can also get jumbled up as well! For example, you may be able to smell a colour or taste a sound. I know this may sound totally insane, but this becomes possible after taking truffles! This magical experience can widen your horizons, giving you completely fresh perspectives on yourself, the world, the human experience, and overall existence.


Feelings of intense connection to everyone and everything is one of the most commonly reported magic truffle effects. Psychedelics repress the part of your brain that creates and exercises the concept of ‘identity’ and ‘self’. This is believed to be the reason why so many individuals are capable of experiencing such immense feelings of connection to anything or anyone in front of them. You may find yourself amid a deeply emotional connection with a pebble, a wall, a random object, or the friend(s) you are with. This lack of self can also explain why individuals find themselves sitting in front of a mirror for hours, trying to figure out who it is that is looking back at them, or stare at their own hands with great wonder and curiosity. This aspect of the psychedelic experience can offer an intense therapeutic takeaway. This will humble you to your core and make you feel truly connected to the bigger picture.

Love, Freedom, Understanding:

By the time you hit the ‘peak’ of your truffle trip, you may feel like your heart is literally exploding with love and understanding! This can be super overwhelming as we are used to the familiar levels of love and understanding/empathy that we experience throughout our lives. Many believe healing comes from a place of love. A surprising amount of our issues can be fixed with love. Experiencing mass amounts of love and empathy during a truffle trip can help you accept, understand, and let go/move on from past experiences that no longer serve you. Letting negative feelings from the past free will help you make room for love, abundance, and freedom! When we thrive in a state of pure love, we can bring that love with us long after our trip is over! The world would be a much better place if we actively practiced and felt love and made it a priority.

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Reality and Time:

Just as our 5 senses can get jumbled, so can our experience of time and reality. Nothing will make you question the concept of time and reality more than the psychedelic experience. During a trip, one hour could either feel like 5 minutes or a whole day-and there doesn’t seem to be much in between either! This can be super confusing and forces us to think about time and how we label ‘reality’. When you really think of it, what is ‘reality’ when you can take a handful of magic truffles and your whole world changes from the inside out? Is time even real if it never feels like it goes by at the rate that the clock tells us, tripping or not? These thoughts and experiences open a lot of questions and questions often lead to the expansion of consciousness.

Visual Enhancements:

Aside from all the mental distortion and mind-bending effects, let’s go over the visual side of things. Visual effects on truffles vary quite a bit, however, you do hear about some recurring visual effects. Some may include but are not limited to: Surroundings like walls, floors, ceilings breathing. Trails following moving objects. Lights brightening, dimming, and dancing. Things look like they are literally melting. Surroundings pulsate. Tiny details become crystal clear. Depth perception becomes warped. Morphing of surrounding objects and peoples faces/bodies. Sparks flying around or occur in the corner of your eye. Intense over-saturation of colours that could be bleeding into one another. A wall may ripple as a puddle would. Swirls and fractals appear in mid-air. The list goes on and on and on and on… Especially on larger doses, you can expect to have your mind completely blown away with what will be before your eyes.


This may not apply to everyone, however, we feel it is important to add this last section. Those who practice spirituality will often experience alarmingly intense advancements during their trip. Some individuals actually get into spirituality due to a life-changing psychedelic experience! Magic truffles can be used as an extremely effective spiritual tool. With the benefits of love, connection, empathy, we can reach a deeper understanding of the human experience. When pondering existence, you will likely end up pondering the depths of your soul. Through this, you can learn a lot about yourself and your place on Earth. Truffles can also help a lot with spiritual practices such as art, meditation, dance/music, etc. Magic truffles are an overall staple for many spiritual journeys. We believe that magic truffle effects can be seen as sacred, hence why we called the website sacred spores. They may open a portal to your soul that you never had access to beforehand. Are you ready to take the leap?

What are the negative side-effects?

So we have gone over some super positive-sounding effects of magic truffles, but what about the negative ones? Although there are many more reports of positive effects than negative ones, it is important to take notice of the bad effects. When you take truffles, your emotions are wildly enhanced. This can either lead to something beautiful and pure, or it can lead you down a road of confusion, fear, or paranoia. Most people that know about truffles are aware of the dreaded ‘bad trip’ that can occur. A bad trip can be simply explained by feeling as though you have lost control of your mind and experience a state of pure negativity. This is often due to a lack of precautions or unmindful consumption. Although a bad trip is not 100% unavoidable, there are definitely things you can do to lessen the chances of one.

How can I prevent a bad trip?

As I said, there is no way to guarantee your trip will be nothing but sunshine and rainbows, but here are a few very simple things you should consider checking off your list before consuming.


-Trip with people that care about you and have your wellbeing in mind. This is so important. Your trip could massively depend on those who you choose to trip with. The company you choose to keep during a truffle trip should be like-minded individuals who truly love you.


-Trip in a safe and comfortable environment. This can make or break your trip. It is not recommended to use truffles as a ‘party drug’. Taking truffles can be a very intense experience and is often not suitable for a party atmosphere. Trip in a safe and cozy place where you will not be bothered by the outside world so you can tune in without worry creeping into the back of your mind. You are going to be extremely in-touch with your surroundings so make sure the space you put yourself in allows you to be intimate and get the most out of your trip.


-ALWAYS trip alongside a ‘trip sitter’ – someone who remains sober and looks after you. This way, if things begin to take a turn, you have a clear-minded friend to help bring you back down to Earth. Make sure this person is someone who makes you feel safe and will look after you no matter what. Your trip sitter needs to be someone who knows you well enough to successfully help you through any potential obstacles you may face along your psychedelic journey.


-In regards to dosage, start small, especially if you are trying a new truffle species you haven’t yet experienced. Try a very small dose to begin with so you can safely dip your toes in before diving in head first. Once you get a feel for it and think you are ready, go ahead and take a larger or even ‘full’ dose next time if you are sure you understand the intensity of the truffle species. Keep in mind, everyone reacts differently to psychedelics, meaning a ‘full dose’ may be larger or smaller when comparing it to others. Just go with the flow and listen to your mind/body.


-Choose your timing. Never trip when you are feeling down or anxious. These are the worst times to trip! All of those negative emotions will skyrocket and you will be forced to experience them with greater intensity, which isn’t what you necessarily need. Try saving trips for when you are in a healthy and balanced mindstate for best results. If you made plans to trip with your friends and the day comes and you are feeling down in the dumps, it would be very wise of you to take a rain check and join them next time. Never push your limits and always go based on what your mind and body is telling you.

Safety and legality:

Magic truffles that are grown in Europe are mostly likely grown in the Netherlands. Up until 2007 magic mushrooms were legal for sale and consumption in the Netherlands. Due to their prohibition, many mushroom growers and sellers were forced out of a job and had to look elsewhere. This is when the magic truffle market was birthed! Many ex-mushroom growers have been happily producing and selling legal magic truffles in the Netherlands as a ‘luxury food’ with the motive being sale and consumption. This has been a big tourist attraction for the Netherlands. People come from all over the globe to enjoy the legal purchase and consumption of these little sacred spores and legal cannabis sold in coffee shops. The Netherlands has always been known as the country of ‘experimentation’ and for good reason as well.


In more recent dates magic truffle sellers have now realised this applies across the whole of the European Union, meaning truffle sellers can ship outside of the Netherlands! Most of Europe is unaware of this so far, however, this will expanding the market even further making it legal for individuals across the EU to exercise their rights to use psychoactive fungi!


Many individuals are very skeptical of magic truffles and claim they are ‘weaker’ then magic mushrooms. However, many of these claims are made by individuals who came to the Netherlands on holiday and purchased a random truffle type/species with little to no knowledge apart from the suggestions of a seed shop owner in Amsterdam. This is another reason why you may want to purchase them online and not in a shop in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, many of the shop owners in Amsterdam do not know much about the truffle species they are selling. For this reason, you may want to buy magic truffles online instead. A big difference between mushrooms and truffles is the way in which they are sold and consumed. Truffles sold online are sold with options very specific in regards to strength in different areas, for example: visual strength, creativity, etc. Since these truffles are grown in the Netherlands and in very specific environments, they are much more consistent and therefore make it easier to work out an accurate dosage. We believe not knowing the strength of your magic mushrooms plus not knowing how much to take is a big issue for those who consume magic mushrooms.


If you are going to buy magic truffles online then you will come across a variety of different species with different strengths and often a trusted source. If you buy magic mushrooms on the other hand, they will likely be bought on the street by a stranger who had nothing to do with the growth of them with little to no information on them whatsoever. That is why mushrooms are so hit or miss. Those who grow them will rarely be the ones selling them to you. If you are experienced with magic mushrooms then you will know 3 grams of one batch can feel significantly stronger than 6 grams from another batch. You never really know what you’re getting yourself into with magic mushrooms until it is too late.


That being said, the growth, sale, and consumption of magic truffles are done far more responsibly, resulting in a more controlled trip, which will decrease the chances of a bad trip. If you buy magic truffles online make sure you are going with a trusted vendor that has your wellbeing as a higher priority than the profit. Go for vendors that make your purchasing experience feel less like a retail sale and more like a step in the right direction.

Consuming, storing and shelf life:

Ensure your truffles are consumed when fresh. Store in a vacuum-sealed bag in a refrigerated area. Consume within 5 hours of breaking the seal. Magic truffles are always given an expiration date- if consumed after the expiration date you may experience weaker effects and possibly nausea if they are far enough past the expiration date.

Last thoughts from Sacred Spores to you

We truly believe in the power of the psychedelic experience and what it can do for humanity. We understand that truffles are not something everyone wants to or should do, although, we believe that everyone should have the right to partake in psychedelics if they wish. As long as you are consuming responsibly and safely, everyone should be able to take non-damaging substances with the motive to enhance their life.


Truffles come from the Earth and are a natural way to directly tune into nature and ourselves. We are a product of nature, after all. We want to thank anyone who made it to the end of this page and educated themselves further on magic truffles. Education breeds safety and harm-reduction. Hopefully the next time you hear someone say ‘what are magic truffles?’ you will be able to spread the knowledge further. Planting a seed holds more power than you may realise. Always remember that great change starts from within.


If you choose to dip your toes into the whimsical world of magic truffles, then we are sending you ALL the love as you return to your roots.

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