The Mind Body & Soul

Something we all have in common is that we all have a mind, body, and soul… But how much time and energy do you invest in them? In this life, we are only given one body, one mind, and one soul. That in itself is nothing short of a miracle! Sadly, many of us do not recognize the significance of our unique existence. The chances of you existing as a human are so incredibly slim, it is almost unbelievable when you think about it. It is time for you to start taking back your power and living as the divine being that you are! Life is too short and beautiful to live out a mundane experience. You come from the stars… As in your physical matter is literally made of actual stardust. You are the universe in the embodiment of a humanoid. Telling yourself that you are anything less than pure magic would be silly!

At Sacred Spores, we believe in the power that exists within each and every soul. We wanted to cover your three temporary homes on this page; mind, body, soul. Understanding how these 3 homes are linked can reveal fresh perspectives that will hopefully help you realise your true self and accept your magnificence! Staying in touch with your spirit will set you free! Let’s discuss what makes you and your spirit unique.

Your Mind

Consciousness; one of the greatest gifts we have received from Mother Gia. Over millions of years, human beings have developed extremely complex brains, yet we only have ‘access’ to roughly 5% of our brains. To put this into perspective, humans have also only discovered 5% of our oceans… Your conciseness offers mystery and depths as great as the ocean. During both our awake and sleeping hours, our brains remain busy. Constantly processing/storing information, regulating brain chemicals/hormones, sending signals to your body to allow physical function, etc. Your mind is without a doubt the most intricate and miraculous part of your human design. It allows you to think, feel, learn, and grow as you please. We often see the mind as a separate part of ourselves. Many people are at constant war with their own mind and the many coming/going thoughts. Did you know that you host a wapping 6,000 thoughts per day? Our thoughts, constantly coming and going, are far beyond our control. But what we can control is how we approach these thoughts, which ones we give power to, and which ones we allow to pass. The lack of control of your coming/going thoughts can be seen as a good or bad thing, depending on how you allow your mind to process it. A common myth most humans believe is that their thoughts control them when in reality, they control their thoughts.


Being attentive to the space in your head and always working on making it more pleasant will inevitably leak out into every other aspect of your life. When your mental wellbeing is in check, many other parts of you can truly thrive and blossom like flowers on a sunny day.

Your Body

Your physical vessel should be treated like the temple it is. Every single day, it works hard to keep you alive. Fighting off diseases, turning your food into energy, carrying you around wherever you need to go. We have so much to thank our bodies for, yet many of us neglect it. Your body loves you so much that it never stops doing its best to keep you alive and well. Isn’t it crazy that many of us choose to hate something that loves us as much as our body does? When was the last time you took a few moments to show your body gratitude? If the answer is a long time, then maybe you are overdue for some quality time with yourself.


Staying active and happy are a few of the greatest ways you can love your body. Our mind/body connection is powerful and it is up to us to keep the bond strong. Think about how much better you feel mentally when you are staying active and eating well vs when you are not being active and eating harmful foods. Now, think about how much better you feel physically when you prioritize your mental health, vice versa. Looking after both your mind and body simultaneously will change your life. Yes, that is a bold statement, but it is 100% true!

Your Soul

The soul is something you cannot really put into words as it is an ‘essence’ of existence and emotion. However, the official definition that humans have given it is: The spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal. Your soul is your absolute core and makes up all that you are; your true and highest self. Your soul is not something you can hide, or cover up with make-up. Your soul is a magnet and attracts other like-minded souls to it. One way to look at it is that your soul is a journey. You are born with it and you will die with it, and many of us are unsure what happens after that or where it goes. Some even believe your soul lives on forever. As you grow older and life goes on, you will unravel your soul layer by layer. The journey to the soul is the most beautiful journey you will ever embark on as a human. As far as we know, we are the only beings on the planet with a consciousness that has evolved far enough where we can somewhat fathom our soul… Don’t waste this gift- it is time to sink into the unknown depths of your soul.

Mind-Body Connection: Linking brain health to mental health

In a perfect world, your mind and body would be best friends. Your mind comes from your physical brain and your body relies on your brain to send operating signals to keep you safe and functioning. One direct link that can be made between the mind and body is brain health. When talking about mental health awareness, it is always surprising to see how barely anyone discusses brain health and how it affects our mental health. When our physical brains suffer, so do our metaphysical minds.

Good brain health is responsible for your mind’s ability to exercise emotional, cognitive, and psychological behaviour. Prioritizing your brain health will assist you in coping with the situations that life throws your way with more grace. When you work on your brain health, or ‘optimize’ your brain, your life becomes much easier.

Here is a short list of physical practices that can benefit your mind:

-Staying active

-Staying hydrated

-Getting enough quality sleep

-Resting when needed

-Eating nourishing foods

-Taking brain supplements or microdosing

-Keeping your space clean and organized

Here is a short list of metaphysical practices that can benefit your body:

-Practicing mindfulness

-Learning something new every day

-Speaking kindly to yourself

-Practicing patience to reduce stress


-Listening to your favourite songs

-Working on yourself

-Actively changing thought patterns

-Doing inner and shadow work

When we collectively do things, such as the above, both our mind and body benefit massively. When both our mind and body are thriving, true magic happens and the potential that was always present is unlocked! The truth is that you are your greatest project you’ll ever work on.

Using psychedelics as a tool


Psychedelic substances, such as psilocybin or LSD, can be used as a very effective tool when working towards connecting your mind, body, and soul. A psychedelic experience can unravel lessons and truths about yourself, advancing your spiritual relationship with yourself. Taking psychedelics suppresses the part of the brain that generates identity and ‘self’. This results in an overflowing sense of one-ness. One of the most impactful effects that individuals report about a psychedelic ‘trip’ is their recollection of feeling deeply connected to everyone and everything around them. Due to the concept of ‘self’ dissolving, you can even find yourself feeling at one with something like a blade of grass, a living room lamp, or other intimate objects! If you can feel this connected to things that aren’t even alive, just imagine how it connected you may feel to your own soul.

Stepping outside yourself in such a unique way will impact you in ways you never thought possible. Psychedelics are very effective for pinpointing areas of your life that need improvement that you may have remained unaware of. If you are not wanting to embark on a full dose of a psychedelic but still want the benefits, you can always give microdosing a try. Microdosing is a great way to gain further connections in many aspects of life. There are so many ways and applications of psychedelics that can keep you in touch with yourself. As time goes on, we can only hope that the normalization of these sacred practices continue and more people can get in touch with their mind, body, and soul.

Tuning In

When working with the mind and body simultaneously, it is important to tune in. This can be done by amplifying your awareness with how you speak to yourself. This can be done by avoiding food and substances that do not serve your body in a healthy way. This can be done by doing inner work via meditating, for example. This can be done by noticing those around you who make you feel drained and respectfully cutting ties with them.

There are so many different methods that can effectively assist you in tuning in with your mind, body, and spirit. This can be via something as effective as a psychedelic ritual, or something as relaxing as yoga/movement, or even something as blissful as entering the flow state, etc. Tuning into yourself and how your surroundings affect you can help you tap into your ‘true nature’. No matter what is happening in your head or around you, always listen to your inner voice. Only you know who you truly are.

Real Self-Care: Respecting The Self

There is a lot of talk these days surrounding ‘self-care’, specifically across social media platforms and in wellness blogs. After a small amount of analysis, it is clear there is a pattern that occurs…‘‘Eat some pizza in a bubble bath, drink some wine, use a face-mask, take a break’’… While all of these simple methods can indeed increase one’s wellbeing, these activities barely scratch the surface. ‘Real’ self-care can also be cleaning your room, reading a book, or setting a difficult boundary with a loved one.


Self-care isn’t just butterflies and rainbows, it can also be very unpleasant. As another example, self-care can be exercised in the form of healing. If you have actively worked on healing past wounds, you will know that it ‘aint pretty’(to say the least), despite how online spiritual communities often portray it. Self-care can be treating yourself to a nice quiet evening, but it can also be ‘treating yourself’ to some shadow work. This may sound like self-care can be very negative. However, it is important to keep in mind that these sometimes unpleasant self-care methods, such as healing, will only result in self-evolution. To us, that is real self-care.

How your relationship with your metaphysical and physical being affect the world

Some say the universe works in ripples. When thinking about the nature of the universe, it is safe to say that most things are just reactions of reactions. One reaction happens and it makes another reaction happen in reaction to that…. And then that creates another reaction! I know this sounds a bit confusing but I hope you are following!

-You know when you hang around someone that is very negative and it more often than not leaves you feeling drained and sometimes sad? Sucks, right?

-Now think about when you hang around someone that radiates positivity and makes you feel good. More often than not, they will leave you feeling super happy and maybe even with a skip in your step!

Think about the contrast between the two scenarios. When we work on ourselves, others notice and them noticing will affect them. When growing a healthy relationship with our mind, body, and soul, it can be powerful enough to plant a seed in someone else’s soul. Going back to how the universe works in ‘ripples’- when you are feeling sad, it will cause a ripple. If you are feeling grounded, it will cause a ripple. If more people put in the work for themselves, it would inevitably affect the rest of the world. Your metaphysical and physical self play a more important role in ‘the bigger picture’ than you may realise. Change starts from within.

Mind, Body, Spirit Quotes

If you made it to the end of this page, thank you for the time and energy spent receiving our message. At Sacred Spores, we really enjoy collecting quotes, AKA little nuggets of wisdom, that we can take with us along on our journey to the soul. As our closing statements, here are a few ‘mind body spirit quotes’ that we believe are relevant:

-‘‘As above, so below. As below, so above.’’ – Hermetic text, known as the ‘Emerald Tablet’ (2,000 years old)

-‘‘We are gods with amnesia. You can certainly enjoy the role-playing game of being human, but do not lose your true self for that role.’’ -Unknown

‘‘You can take my life, but you cannot take my soul!’’ – Song: My Soul – Artist: Lowkey

‘‘Meditation is just hygiene for the mind’’. -Sahd Simone

‘‘There is a voice inside us all that doesn’t use words. Listen.’’ -Rumi

‘‘If someone asked you to name all the things you love, how long would it take you to name yourself?’’ -Unknown

We are sending you all the love as you return to your roots during your journey to the mind, body and soul.


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