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Psilocybe Fantasia 15 grams

First effects will be noticeable approximately 15-30 minutes after consumption.

Approximate trip duration: 3-6 hours.




If you want to have a super socially driven trip, these are the truffles you are looking for! Shapes/dimensions will become extra sharp and sometimes warped due to the strong visuals on a larger dose. Your depth perception will be tampered with making for a fun and trippy time. These are great for anyone looking to have a super fun and intimate trip with their friends and/or loved ones. Expect the duration of your trip to be filled with lots of ‘laugh attacks’ and consistent giggly moments that may leave your stomach feeling sore at the end of the trip. These are slightly stronger than the well-known Psilocybe Mexicana. These generally give an overall pleasant and very amusing trip. Please see ‘consumer instructions & cautions’.

-Uncontrollable laughter

-Increased intimacy

-Deep insights

-Intense visual effects

-All 5 senses become amplified

-Extreme empathy for yourself and others

-Feelings of content-ness, bliss, and inner peace.

-Sense of connection

-Overflowing feeling of love

-Increased creativity

-Potential healing effects

-Can bring suppressed emotions to the surface

-Can cause nausea or bloating

-Can create anxiety, fear, or confusion

-Can cause extreme thirst/dry mouth

-Can disrupt the body’s typical temperature regulation

Truffles can amplify regular emotions, meaning both positive and negative feelings can be intensified. Consume responsibly and with caution.

Our recommended dosage is 5 grams per person for a light-medium trip. To get the full experience we recommend taking 10-15 grams! Always ensure any truffles you are consuming are fresh. After breaking the seal, consume within at least 5 hours time to decrease the risk of nausea as well as to ensure no psilocybin contents deplete. We recommend making tea so the taste is more enjoyable. Lastly, always take the correct precautions to prevent a bad trip from occurring.


Here are a few simple precautions you may want to take before trying magic truffles:

-Trip with people that care about you and have your wellbeing in mind.

-Trip in a safe and comfortable environment.

Trip alongside a ‘trip sitter’ – someone who remains sober and looks after you. This way, if things begin to take a turn, you have a clear-minded friend to help bring you back down to Earth.

-In regards to dosage, start small, especially if it is your first time. Try a very small dose to begin with so you can safely dip your toes in before diving in head first. Once you get a feel for it and think you are ready, go ahead and take a full dose the next time if you are sure you understand the intensity of truffles. Keep in mind, everyone reacts differently to psychedelics, meaning a ‘full dose’ may be larger or smaller when comparing it to others. Just go with the flow and listen to your mind/body.

-We do not recommend using truffles as a ‘party’ drug. Taking truffles can be a very intense experience and is often not suitable for a party atmosphere.

Always consume responsibly. We wish you a beautiful trip and hope you enjoy these sacred spores. Sending you all the love as you return to your roots with the help of products that come from Mother Earth herself.


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