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Turkey Tail (Mushroom Extracts)

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120 capsules of the well-studied medicinal mushroom; Turkey Tail! This powerful adaptogen has a lot to offer and is a classic in any supplement stack!


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Being rather common, you may have already seen this mushroom during a walk in the woods! Turkey tail, A.K.A fairy bench, is one of the most researched mushrooms when it comes to medicinal properties. There have been various studies conducted on the effects Turkey Tail has on different types of cancer(s) and viruses. So far, studies suggest that it could reduce cancer cells and certain viruses by significantly boosting the immune system.

This is a typical staple in any mushroom stack.

Turkey Tail can:

-Combat colds, cases of flu, herpes, and even chronic fatigue

-Help auto-immune diseases

-Work as an anti-aging aid – Makes hair shiny and skin more elastic

-Contains probiotics that allow the body t create food bacteria in the stomach and intestines, which improves gut health.

Take 2-4 capsules each day with food. For best results, have two capsules with lunch and two with dinner. However, lower doses of 2 capsules per day are also effective. This is a full-spectrum extract, meaning it is not pure turkey tail. This extraction included H20, ethanol, 30% polysaccharides of which about 90% are beta-glucans.

Excipients; Silicon Dioxide and Magnesium.

Do not consume if you are pregnant or currently taking prescribed medications. Consult a health care advisor if you have any doubts that this supplement will clash with your current lifestyle.

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