A Sacred Story

Sacred Spores was created with the motive of pushing forward the holistic movement. We are a tiny team with huge dreams of assisting self development to many. We believe in the healing power of nature. Humans have been effectively using these ‘medicines’ for millennia and we believe these practices can still be beneficial, even in today’s society. We feel beyond blessed to be able to help normalize the usage of these sacred products.

Our founder, Sydney, has always known she was put on Earth to help others but wasn’t always sure how. She has been heavily involved in the psychedelic/microdosing, herbal, hemp/cannabis, and mushroom scenes since 2015. Since then, she has devoted her life to helping individuals with the positive usages and applications of naturally occurring substances. From growing hemp on the side of a mountain in Canada, to attending multiple lectures on psychedelics across the globe, to helping start the worlds first legal lysergamide microdosing company- there is nothing she would rather be doing than being a hands-on member of the holistic community. 

With passion and pure intentions, anything is possible.


At Sacred Spores, we believe in the sacred power of healing, love, and understanding. We believe these 3 things can be found within nature. We are literally aliens living on a rock in space, it is time we start acting like it and begin treating life as the sacred experience that it is.

Sacred Spores – Return To Your Roots