Q: What are magic truffles? Are they the same as magic mushrooms?

A: Magic truffles are the sclerotia of magic mushrooms. Essentially, magic truffles are bunches of mycelium that contain the same hallucinogenic chemical compound as magic mushrooms; psilocybin. They are not the same as magic mushrooms, however, they share the exact same psychedelic compound (psilocybin) making them nearly identical in the effects.

Truffles are generally sold more responsibly and with more information/accurate dosing suggestions, unlike magic mushrooms. This is a big difference between the two and results in ‘different experiences’ although both technically have the same psychedelic chemical. This is why magic mushrooms are often a lot more unpredictable than magic truffles are, making them seem like they have different psychedelic properties.

Q: Are magic truffles legal?

A: Yes, they are legal for sale, possession, and consumption by the EU law. Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase. Sacred spores will not make any exceptions in regards to selling to minors whatsoever so we ask kindly that you do not ask.

Q: What is a ‘bad trip’?

A: A bad trip is a psychedelic experience that results in a negative effect. This may look like experiencing paranoia, anxiety, or a mix of unfamiliar emotions that simply do not sit right with you. This is a possibility and a risk you must take when deciding to take magic truffles. Luckily, bad trips do not happen very often.

Q: How can I prevent a ‘bad trip’ on magic truffles?

A: There are many ways that could help you prevent a bad trip. Here are a few simple precautions you may want to take before trying magic truffles:

-Trip with people that care about you and have your wellbeing in mind.

-Trip in a safe and comfortable environment.

Trip alongside a ‘trip sitter’ – someone who remains sober and looks after you. This way, if things begin to take a turn, you have a clear-minded friend to help bring you back down to Earth.

-In regards to dosage, start small, especially if it is your first time. Try a very small dose to begin with so you can safely dip your toes in before diving in head-first. Once you get a feel for it you may be ready to take a larger or full dose next time. Keep in mind, everyone reacts differently to psychedelics, meaning a ‘full dose’ may be larger or smaller when comparing it to what others consider a ‘full dose’. Just go with the flow and always listen to your mind/body.

Q: Will magic truffles get me high?

A: Yes, you will get high if you take magic truffles! These sacred spores are psychedelic and will result in a mind-bending experience of reality. Each product page provides specific information on the different species and strengths they offer. However, our microdosing truffle product ‘MicroMush’ will not result in a high as the dosages are so low they are non-psychoactive. See ‘Microdosing Magic Truffles’ section of FAQ or MicroMush’s product page (found in Mush-Room) to learn more about microdosing.

Q: How do I store truffles and how long is their shelf life?

A: Keep your truffles stored in an air-tight vacuum seal and in a refrigerated environment at all times. After breaking the sealed packaging, your truffles must be consumed within at least 5 hours tops. If stored correctly, they will last until the expiration date on the packaging.

Q: How much truffles should I take?

A: Each truffle has its own recommended dosages depending on the intensity of the trip you are after. Each product page has specific recommendations on dosage and offers clear ratings in the following areas/categories:






Please know that the dosages are recommendations and are not accurate for each consumer. Ensure you start small when trying a new truffle species and always take the ‘bad trip preventive precautions’ seriously. Always listen to your mind and body. Go with the flow, trust yourself, and make the most responsible decision possible. Sacred Spores cannot be held accountable for any mishaps during a magic truffle trip. We have your wellbeing in mind and like to think we offer good advice. Take at your own risk!

Q: Where are these truffles grown?

A: All truffles are grown by the best truffle growers in the Netherlands!

Q: Is ‘MicroMush’ a truffle product?

A: Yes, MicroMush is our microdosing truffle product.